Ep.6 – Quantum Healing

NOTE: This show is part of a continued Weekly Discussion streamed LIVE on the YouTube Channel where viewers can call into the show to talk with…...

NOTE: This show is part of a continued Weekly Discussion streamed LIVE on the YouTube Channel where viewers can call into the show to talk with the guests.

MIRIAM SILVER: As a creative writer, podcast host and avid researcher on paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual topics, Miriam Silver has produced several independent shows for over 15 years. She is now a licensed Level 1 Aromatherapist, Spiritual Healer, Shamanic practitioner, creative writer, artist, and ardent lover of animals & nature. Miriam continues on her personal quest to expand her understanding of the human experience. From an early age, a passion grew and led her to delve deeply into understanding the human experience and, because of it, Miriam began a personal spiritual journey. Having been born with an artistic, sensitive and empathic nature, art and reading were a means of escape from a family life of trauma and dysfunction; and with her recent experience with healing from Hodgkins Lymphoma, some new insights have deepened her connection to her spiritual roots. Miriam now brings her years of spiritual learning, experience and observations to a new podcast show called RevUP & Awaken. The focus is on awakening the self to remembering its spiritual connection. For the overall truth is - we are all spirit in a physical form to experience and learn from one another, and to achieve our own personal wisdom. We are each our own personal creative force, forever connected to the incredible God Force that has made all this possible. The world houses a myriad of clues to the ancient mysteries that bring us closer to the infinite nature of who we all are.

ERIN KOCZUR: Founder of the Lightworker Development School... She's been a psychic medium since she was a little girl. Of course, she didn’t know those words then. She will forever remember the first time she heard a voice – it was a deep man’s voice and he spoke to her using her name. Well, her three-year-old legs ran as fast as they could to her mother, screaming the entire way. As time went on, she became accustomed to this voice, and just accepted it as “normal." It would be almost two decades later before she realized it was my Spirit Guide’s voice! Her passion for learning, combined with a desire to explore everything metaphysical, spiritual or holistic has led Erin on a fantastic journey of studies over the past 50 years...from aromatherapy to zen! Some of her achievements: Tarot 40+ years, Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Lightworker, Reiki Master (RMT), Master Level Seichim, Master Level Shamballah, Certified Hypnosis, Certified Angel Card Reader, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Psychic Development Mentor, Spiritual Coach and Speaker. Erin continues her academic studies to this day

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