Ep.3 – The Spiritual Journey of Miriam A. Silver

This show can also be seen on the YouTube Channel. Miriam Silver is the host of RevUP & Awaken, a…...

This show can also be seen on the YouTube Channel.

Miriam Silver is the host of RevUP & Awaken, a new podcast that focuses on awakening the self to remembering its spiritual connections. As an avid researcher on paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual topics, Miriam has produced several independent shows in the past, and has a strong passion in delving deeply into the human experience as it continues on its soul journey. Having been born with an artistic, sensitive and empathic nature, art and reading were a means of escape from a family life of trauma and dysfunction; and with her recent experience with healing from an illness, some new insights have deepened her connection to her spiritual roots.

In 2019, Miriam was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and this led to her second book called Spiritual Cancer, a personal journal that describes her spiritual journey throughout this experience as she considers the ties from early childhood traumas to illness. Not only does one have to deal with the fear of experiencing the "C" word and what could be waiting on the other end, but the why's come up along the way. She takes a deep look at the interplay of the physical and the spiritual, and how to effectively heal on both levels simultaneously.

Miriam is now a licensed Level 1 Aromatherapist, Spiritual Healer, Shamanic practitioner, creative writer, artist, and has recently moved from New York to Florida to begin a whole new chapter in her life.

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