Ep.2 – Shamanic Tranformations

This show can also be seen on the YouTube Channel. With over 25 years of divine service to humanity, like…...

This show can also be seen on the YouTube Channel.

With over 25 years of divine service to humanity, like a Lotus, Blanca Beyar has blossomed many petals in her divine expression as a Goddess. What began as a private practice in Spiritual Counseling and Healings, gently expanded to a collective group of thousands of students across the world who have been mentored and attuned by Blanca. She has also mentored and offered healings to thousands of clients in her years of divine service.

An accomplished Internationally known Self-Help author, Blanca has a unique way of sharing her own perils and gifts of her life experiences in almost every of her 18 books. Blanca is also a gifted Intuitive Empath and Medium who regularly offers life-transforming Afterlife events.

A pioneer and Leader in her community, Blanca has successfully created a platform in her hometown of Staten Island by forming The Universal Holistic Expo, also known as the Staten Island Holistic Expos. Blanca continues to bring awareness to others through her relentless efforts in gathering Holistic practitioners and Light-workers around the tri-state area to form a collective vortex of healing and light for all those who attend the Expos.

Her most recent endeavor was to create an online school and portal, Universal Portal of Ascension, a platform that contains and showcases mini-courses on a host of topics under the Spiritual Development arena. Blanca has masterfully transformed years of wisdom and of teachings into mini courses that can assist anyone on their spiritual journey.

True to her devotion to assist others in their spiritual development, Blanca still finds time to mentor and counsel individuals in her private practice as well as in her regular workshops, seminars and speaking events. She is also a reclaimed Shamanic Elder Teacher who offers Shamanic Apprenticeship Teachings around the world. Students have traveled from remote countries such as Ireland, Columbia and China to meet and work with Blanca.

Blanca regularly offers private events where she combines her sage knowledge and wisdom to dazzle her audiences with incredible validations, both from her readings and also from creating a bridge into the Afterlife.

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