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Ep.24 – From Psychic to Film Director

August 9, 2022

Martigan has worked professionally as a reader, healer and spiritual advisor for over 30 years. In addition to his intuitive skills, Martigan has also worked as a professional magician, psychic entertainer, actor, film director and producer as well. He currently lives in Orlando, FL and enjoys pursuing a variety of creative outlets. Watch the interview […]


Ep.23 – A Cold Case and the X-Files

August 2, 2022

Gloria Hass is a Forensic Visionary and being a natural born Clairvoyant, she has many paranormal gifts including remote viewing, remote touching, hearing conversations, seeing in the spirit world as well as communicating with spirits, has visions and dreams with messages. Gloria is an award winning best selling author. She has performed readings for clients […]


Ep.16 – From Paranormal Events to Mediumship

July 30, 2022

Dean McMurray—“The Military Medium”— is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, healer, dowser and ordained minister. His story, so powerful and so authentic, is unlike any other psychic medium out there, and its why people from all across the globe are drawn to him for readings and personal guidance. So, what’s his story… why is he […]


Ep.22 – Bridging The Gap To Where You Want To Be

July 26, 2022

Nikki Maly, is a holistic expert and the founder of Intuitive Illumination. She specializes in hypnotherapy, theta healing, biomagnetism and more, to empower clients through mind, body, and soul, utilizing modern alternative methods. ”Not only is it possible to heal yourself; it happens every day to ordinary people like you. Healing is the birthright of […]


Ep.21 – The Dog Mystic

July 19, 2022

The Dog Mystic, Cherie A. Marquez, helps families keep their dogs in their forever home by teaching them how to train their dog without treats! She focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul of animals and will specialize in teaching all about dog behavior and training. With over 15 years of dog training experience, […]


Ep.15 – Searching for the Light of Peace in Times of Darkness

July 15, 2022

Keith Anthony Blanchard is the Founder and Host for “Center of Light Radio” whose listening audience now reaches 4 million. He is the author of several books, including the bestselling, “The Divine Principle: Anchoring Heaven on Earth” and “For the Love of God: A Spiritual Journey”. As a spiritual teacher, he is remarkable in his […]


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