CLERMONT PARANORMAL – A Noetic Science Coalition

Far too many times the lack of understanding tends to make us think that something we cannot understand is supernatural or a miracle. There are no supernatural or miraculous events that happen to us within the range of our experience of perception in this universe. Everything that occurs in the universe is natural and according to natural law. Clermont Paranormal is here to help determine the scope of the phenomena that nature has displayed upon us with the use of grounded forensic science, spiritual & psychic mediumship, testing instrumentation and statistics.

Clermont Paranormal is unlike the popular view of what we are all used to seeing through entertainment outlets. We are about the science of metaphysics, a Para-Anthropological approach to search for evidence of anomalous, paranormal or psychical phenomena within the context of conscious and the human condition. We follow a scientific and forensic approach and not simply search for evidence that supports mankind’s personal beliefs and viewpoints void of outdated powerful superstitious beliefs. Our practice and research in the metaphysical sciences have taught us that there is a strict boundary and decorum involved when it comes to this type of work. We are essentially trying to bring empowerment back to humanity, to allow us as human beings to have control of our lives. We approach each case with grounded theories of the quantum and strict forensic science. It is this basis of out reality and the fabric of which we all exist.

We here at Clermont Paranormal are in the field of scientific research for the advancement of further knowledge of consciousness, the human condition and the realms of paranormal, anomalous and/or metaphysical phenomena. We are made up of a network of metaphysical practitioners from clinical and scientific to religious and spiritual. Out professional fields of study include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Anthropology, Forensic Crime Scene Investigation, Holistic & Energy Medicine, Astrology, and Theoretical Physics but that’s just to name a few important ones.

Our home is located in the rolling hills of Clermont, Florida which is the geographical center of the state. We cover a majority of the Central Florida area and occasionally partake in long investigational road trips. Our mission is to help those who think that their homes or places of businesses are experiencing anomalous or paranormal activity. We conduct all of our investigations with advanced methods and treat all investigations with the utmost highest scientific and moral integrity. We use forensic methods and protocols similar to those used in federal, state and local law enforcement programs. As our client, you come first and foremost. We understand the burdens that may accompany the issues resulting from unexplained phenomena. For those who are new to the personal experiences of these issues you may be quite confused. We understand. Our mission is to help the client(s) or witnesses and also help the spirit(s), if our evidence proves their presence for them to cross over. We want to help our clients regain and claim their true power of being back and to also explain the causes of anything unexplainable you may be experiences.

We are NOT Ghost Hunters but rather Paranormal Investigators. We not only investigate possible spirit hauntings; we investigate anything and everything anomalous. Not only do our services serve the paranormal field but we also coach, counsel and consult our clients in the holistic ways of life from health to spiritual enlightenment. We bring awareness of the mysteries of the universe into our conscious being.